International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the biggest means today that can help you to reach anywhere in the world. The test has to be taken by every single individual who aspires to land abroad. The only way of cracking the test is to let the language be soaked into us and that is what Max Visa Hub tries to do at its IELTS Training Center. Creating a supportive environment is a big task, but it’s achieved here with encouragement by tutors and with willfulness of students.

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Our classroom is an all-accommodating one and incorporates a wide range of students. They come from different backgrounds and their requirements also vary. Their needs are catered to accordingly keeping their weaknesses and requirements in mind. The classroom is quite interactive and we see to it that it does not remain a one-way teaching. A huge pool of practice-papers covering almost every major publication in market allows students to go through an all-compassing material specially designed for our IELTS students. The best of the papers are selected and special mock tests have been designed in order to offer a real-test experience to our students.

Here are some of the salient features of our IELTS class:

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Visitor Visa
  1. Authorized agent of IDP and BRITISH COUNCIL
  2. Around 300 practice papers for regular practice
  3. Regularly conducted mock tests
  4. Small class size, Personalized coaching
  5. Regular problem solving sessions
  6. Regularly conducted grammar lectures
  7. On-the-spot evaluation of tasks
  8. Carry-home material

We not only claim that we are somewhat different than the other classes in city, but also admit that we are one of the most loved classes, thanks to the family environment created by our students and the entire staff of Max Visa Hub. There might be students who have not succeeded at their first attempt, but still, they are not discouraged at all and continue to remain a part of the Max Visa Hub family.

The reason why our IELTS class excels is that we tend to think beyond your IELTS exam scores. We could consider ourselves successful only if you could get visa successfully and hence, IELTS is not a business for us, it a necessity for our business. In fact there are only two individuals who are interested in your IELTS score. First, it’s you- because your career depends upon it. And second, it’s us- because our business depends upon it! This will be clearly seen when you enter the class and realize that unlike other classes where the sessions last for 1-2 hours, our sessions last for 3 hours wherein 3 modules are practiced every day. And most importantly, there are no restrains on duration. One might continue for more than 3 months- till he is able to get 6 band score in our mock tests!

Rest assured that success is frequently witnessed here and we welcome you to be a part of this successful team at any point of time in future!